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Highveld Kampus (English & Afrikaans) 

Are you looking for a safe haven where a Christian foundation is laid and where your child learns basic concepts like sharing, respect for all, and love for each other? Where we care for the whole child, mind, body, and soul to make sure they reach their full potential.
Then… Koeitjies & Kalfies is just the school for you.

School hours are from 07:00 to 17:30. Children are welcome to be dropped off from 07:00 till 08:00. (Please note: No breakfast will not be served after 08:15 in the morning)

  • Babies from 4 months 07:00–17:30 (No half day fee)
  • Half day 07:00-12:00/14:00
  • Full day 07:00-17:30 (1yr – Gr RR)
  • Porridge is served every morning until 08:15
  • Fruit and cookies are served at playtime and ice cream on Fridays 
  • No lunch box required exceptions for allergies 
  • Balanced lunch plan developed by a dietician 
  • Full-day learners will receive sandwiches at 15:00 
  • Children must bring a water bottle with fresh water to school every day. Juice will be served with lunch
  • Basic day program consists of Breakfast, Toilet routine, Bible story, Theme discussion, Individual assessment, Hour of outdoor playtime, Activities, Storytime, and outside play
  • Sleep is not mandatory, but rest is. No child will be allowed to do any other activity during rest / sleep time 
  • Different outdoor activities are offered daily by external service
  • These activities are not compulsory and are done at the same time activities in class are also presented
  • Registration and any admin for these extramural activities are handled between the external service providers and the parents 
  • School/teacher does not receive any cash on behalf of parents 
  • Current activities are Dance Mouse, Rugby, Maths, Clamber club & Active English
  • Every year parents get the opportunity to vote for 5 activities that will be offered the following year 
  • Our school terms are the same as Gauteng provincial schools 
  • During the school holidays there will be no formal lessons but we will be doing a holiday program with the Hours 07:00-17:30
  • Full-day enrolments do not pay for Holiday Program, only Half day enrolments. (R120 per day)
  • No Holiday Program for one week in July, school is closed!
  • School closes from 15 December to the second Tuesday in January each year
  • Feedback is continuously given on WhatsApp groups about the day’s activities and themes
  • Parents also have separate WhatsApp groups on which only the school principal will communicate
  • Any other information is also available on our information board at the entrance
  • Teachers may only be contacted during sleep time, 12:30-13h:30
  • No messages will be answered during class.
  • The principle is available at any time for inquiries – Anell 084 515 3755
  • Appointments with the principal must be arranged in advance – Anell 084 515 3755

School Necessities 

  • Water bottles must be brought to school every day (no juice)
  • Extra set of clothes according to season and sun hat. We apply sunscreen in class before going outside
  • No lunch box (Exception is made for allergies)
  • No own toys may be brought to school
  • School shirt is worn on Fridays
  • All stationery is provided and paid for by the school’s Provisional Fund
  • Children in diapers must bring their own diapers, wipes, and necessities
  • All items of clothing and water bottles must please be clearly marked

Spesiale Dae 

  • Familie Dag: Ons jaarlikse fondsinsameling. Lekker geleentheid vir ouers om mekaar te leer ken
  • Mammadag en Pappadag: Ouers kom kuier by kind se klas en doen saam aktiwiteit
  • Ouma en Oupadag: Kuiergeleentheid by skool vir grootouers asook aktiwiteit en Foto geleentheid
  • Konsert: Jaarlikse konsert buite in tuin. Toegangsgelde word gevra. Almal welkom om by te woon. Maatjies onder 2 neem nie deel aan konsert nie
  • Kroningsoggend: Gr R maatjies het formele funksie by skool


  • National ELDA curriculum is followed (Dept of Education)
  • Each child has individual attention during class 
  • Classes are small to ensure children are given enough one-on-one time with the teacher
  • Reports are issued in April, July, September and December 
  • Continuous assessments are done during the year 
  • Artwork will be sent home every term 
  • Children who have less than 75% attendance will not receive a report 
  • Babies follow Practical and SOS curriculum up to and including 1 year

School Fees 

  • Deposit of R4000 payable once. Refundable only with 2 months notice
  • The annual provision fund of R1200 includes the following: T-shirt, special days, stationery, school photos, toiletries toys etc
  • No monies are collected from parents during the year.

School Fees According to the Different Options 

  • Halfday (07:00 14:00) (Holidays not included) 
  • Voldag (07:00 17:00)
  • School fees are payable in advance before the 5th of every month over 12 months
  • Holiday fees for half-day children are paid with Holiday Program registration. Cash only
  • School is closed for the December holiday as well as for a week in the July holiday
  • Starts again second Tuesday in January

School Fees for 2023

Infants R4500 per month (from the age of 1 years nursery school fee is charged)
Half Day: R3500 per month (Fees for 2024 – R3700)
Full Day: R4200 per month (Fees for 2024 – (R4450)
  • Babies (4-12 months) pay no provisional fund. Extra costs such as school photos and special days will be charged. They receive each a T- shirt and participate in all the special days, except the school concert
  • Babies bring their own nappies, creams, their own bedding, milk, bottle es etc. to school.
  • Babies bring their own food until parents indicate that they can eat from the nursery school menu


  • We work according to ELDA curriculum and have a new theme every week
  • Babies work on the Practica and SOS curriculum
  • Our school is unique because our classes are so small AND because the teacher can work with each child individually EVERY day
  • We notice a huge improvement in their progress due to small classes and the compulsory clamber club. (included in the school fees)

Bank Details 

Branch code  632005
Account number  4104415046
Reference  Gebruik asseblief spesiale verwysing op staat as verwysing vir betaling (K&K)